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12-24V 100A Solid State Relay

12-24V 100A Solid State Relay

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Solid state relays (SSR) have no moving parts, eliminating failures normally associated with conventional mechanical switching relays. Rated up to 100A, this SSR provides faster switching time, improved reliability and the convenience of 12-24V operation. 

Note: Inductive loads must have diode suppression . In other words, a diode (snubber circuit) is placed across the inductive load or across the active driver in order to suppress the back emf. If your application is not switching an inductive load then you can omit the snubber diode.

Specification Sheet

Output Circuit
• Load Voltage: 0-30VDC
• Load Current: 0.02-100A
• Max On-State Voltage Drop: 0.60V
• Max Turn On Time: 1ms
• Max Turn Off Time: 0.5ms
• Max Surge Current: 260A (10ms)

Input Circuit
• Control Voltage: 4-32VDC
• Control Current: 28mA max.
• Min Turn Off Voltage: 1.0VDC

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Customer Reviews

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Harald Takach
Great idea

Relay works very well as ignition controlled master switch. Only reservation is the fasteners for retaining the 100amp cables are very thin @ 5mm. I replaced the phillips head screws with bolts & fitted a large diameter washer. They need to be 10mm at least & 12mm would be perfect.