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Honda K-Series - Complete Connector Set

Honda K-Series - Complete Connector Set

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Connectors for Honda's K-Series Motors.

The complete set includes connectors for the following:-

4 x Fuel Injectors
4 x Ignition Coil 
1 x Idle Air Control Valve
1 x Throttle Position Sensor 
1 x Manifold Absolute Pressure 
1 x VTEC Solenoid 
1 x VTEC Pressure Switch
1 x IVTEC Solenoid

1 x Intake Air Temperature
1 x Engine Coolant Temperature 
1 x Vehicle Speed Sensor
1 x Alternator
1 x Knock Sensor
1 x Reverse Switch
1 x Reverse Lockout
1 x Thermofan Switch
1 x 02 Sensor
2 x Cam Sensor
1 x Crank Sensor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ivan Vidonis

Honda K-Series - Complete Connector Set

Cedric Josset

complete and good quality connector kit, fast shipping and very fair price, I recommend this store.

Lindsay Wood
Honda OEM connector kit

Nice new connectors, all together, labelled and organised. I haven't installed them or given them much life testing yet, but I doubt they could be worse than the OEM connectors which all seem to get brittle and die very early.

Only complaint- a handful of spare pins would have been nice!

Neil Daniel
Honda k24 plug set

Very good product, each plug was labeled and bagged, very fast postage too, really happy with the purchase